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       I create on request by hand the bookmarks ® Grenier Impérial ® from textured papers 95 g/m˛ of different colors. The creation of these bookmarks asks me 6 steps that give each time a unique result:
  • 1 step: I cut by hand each bookmark in different textured papers.
  • 2 step: I emboss the bookmarks with 3 dry stamps of my trademarks.
  • 3 step: I burn the edges of the bookmarks with a beeswax candle.
  • 4 step: I age and accentuate the embossing with the ashes of the bookmarks.
  • 5 step: I laminate the bookmarks with a transparent pouch of 250 microns.
  • 6 step: I cut again the edges of the bookmarks to get a unique final look.

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