Private Perfumery

ho am I?

The failure is not to fail, but to stop trying to succeed...

       The story of ® Parfums Oubliés ® begins in the attic of my grandparents at the age of 5...

       At the bottom of an old chest of drawers, I find then a forgotten balm of which the delicate fragrances cause immediately in me intense recollections which return me there back much more far than in this existence!

       It is only 30 years later, that I learn where from come these incredible perfumes, and I need even more than 20 years of researches and passion to understand and solve the mystery of incense.

       Vegetable resins contain the olfactory memory of the humanity. Their perfumes bring us back to age-old times.

       All my creations lead to amnesic perfumes, that is among the woody, vanilla and lemony notes there is a whole range of totally untranslatable perceptions which each can feel differently.

       Each of my creations is unique and represents an artistic work: I am the only one to know the process of elaboration and to execute the work of the beginning till the end.

       I create ® Parfums Oubliés ® without alcohol, ® Papiers Oubliés ® to burn and ® Parfums Oubliés ® to burn, in very small quantities, with my hands, my heart and my soul...

Private Perfumery of the Grenier Impérial
Marc UHL
8 rue Berthe Molly
68000 COLMAR, Alsace

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